Diesel Particulate Filters (DPFs) are emissions devices installed on all over the road diesel engines manufactured beginning in 2007.

DPFs are designed to burn soot. Unburnable ash gradually collects in the filter causing excessive back pressure and regenerations.

DPFs are expensive parts costing $2,300 to $8,000. Pacific Truck Parts, Inc. can service your DPF at a fraction of the cost of a new filter.

Failure to service your DPF can cause the following problems

  1. DPF Failure (requiring replacement)
  2. Down Time
  3. Lower Fuel Economy

The DPF must be removed from the truck in order to be serviced. Pacific Truck Parts, Inc.?s high quality cleaning is essential for maximum filter life.


Most engine manufacturers recommend removing the DPF for cleaning at 250,000 miles.

Research and testing has found that ash begins hardening in the filter cells as early as 150,000 miles. Once ash hardens it can cause permanent damage and cracking.


Using patented state-of-the-art Air Knife Scanning Technology, we are able to blow air from opposite directions scanning the entire surface of the filter and cleaning every cell.

By using Air Knife Scanning Technology, we can remove an average 95% of the ash and soot in about 22 minutes.


Pacific Truck Parts, Inc. tests and ispects your DPF at every step of the cleaning process.

The FSX testing equipment is state-of-the-art and provides precision evaluation for air flow and micro-pore performance.

The cleaning results from your DPF are recorded in the Pacific Truck Parts, Inc. databases and compared to OEM specifications. The results are made available to you.


Both our FSX equipment and cleaning process have been tested and approved by major OEMs.

FSX cleaning equipment is proven to provide the best cleaning system available.

Our cleaning process will NOT damage ceramic substrate or catalyzed wash-coats.


We offer local pickup and delivery in selected regions.

You can also ship your filter for cleaning using UPS, FedEx or truck freight.